About Us


Hi ..!  we are newcomers, and want to be part of you all!

Here at WeBundles.com

We = means “our” as a possessive and Bundles = Bundle, special gifts

Web = Website / Site & Bundles = Bundle

With the slogan "We give Bundles"

We try to brief into one market from microstock, marketplace, and deal / bundle website. We strive to be a bridge between designers, creators, freelancers with consumers or resource design seekers around the world

We - Webundles.com are excited to offer designers, creators, freelancers who have your best design resources to join us online.

Mansel Brist is the founder and Director of WeBundles Development (coding).

Build and develop a part of his daily diet. Trying to find something new innovation, as well as launching features by following the flow of the market for a new, fantastic improvement.

ASH Yoel is the founder and Creative Director of WeBundles.

By continuing to learn and be creative with the heart that is in his life. Talking almost 10 years in the field of graphic design makes him have a "mad Dream" is his obsession he wants to achieve. Build a start up and be a small step to keep going. Simultaneously breaking down the narrow mind and want to get out of the box.

SN Anna is a Product Manager who acts as a seeker to find and discover new products by going through the assessment, research and survey stages and choosing by heart. Ensure continuing to maintain relationships with designers, creators, freelancers with consumers or resource design seekers to fit in expectations for all users.

RH Truly is a Marketing and Communications Manager who is responsible for all performance, policies and procedures of marketing management, sales and promotion of its relationship with systems and mechanisms.

We - Part of the team

S Alvin Kim is working to help the Creative Director and Product Manager to organize an exciting product and launch a bundle that is always on the lookout.

RH Hikaru is working hard to organize all the content and help promote in our various social media channels. Making it all "Viral" is part of everyday life, and receiving emails and replying every day.

PA Abby Adams is the part that works as a support and customer relationship. Helping complete every customer service and make sure everything is getting the best service. Because we - webundles - give with heart.

The Value We Offer

1. We - Priority Quality

By keeping and prioritizing the quality, of course we are never satisfied with the bundle mediocre. That is why we do not haphazardly choose designers, creators, freelancers by determining truly high-quality products and making sure each of our launch bundles satisfy all customers and get the required design resources. We'd rather skip something on rather than running something average.

2. We - Discuss everything

To ensure all our bundles, we always test each item thoroughly. This means we do not just take indiscriminate goods, we just take the goods through the assessment, research and survey and choose with the heart. If we do this, of course we will launch a bundle that is always on the wait.

3. We - Respect (Exclusivity - Non Exclusivity)

We make sure to always appreciate the exclusivity of the bundle. When you buy from Webundles, you are sure that you always get a truly awesome bundle.

4. We - Offer the best Commission and Discounts

Every launch of our bundle always gives a very amazing deal. measure what the price is appropriate and then come back on a better offer by giving a discount! Sometimes it takes several difficult bargains but in the end it means that you pay significantly less!

5. We - Listen to What You Want

We will assist you with taking feedback and offering the best service. This could be a fun thing for you via email, personal chat about potential improvements on our site, we will regularly survey all customers to give them the exact offer you need.

6. We - Offer Superb Personal Support

Trying not to let you down, our support will always serve because you are a very important person. That's why if you send us an email, we will always respond to personal responses well. Please send us an email about anything and we will get back to you. Of course not only get here, with our hearts to always try to help and make sure all our users are happy.

7. We - Make friends with Community Design

Being very aware of the existence of community design is the most important part, We are happy to be friends and get to know many of you, and we are very aware of it, we are part of you, and you become our part. We want to be friendly and love your design and our hearts are there to love your community design.

8. We - Giving satisfaction (Proof)

Here Webundle, we always ensure and will always give satisfaction to customers. Speak to the heart, we guarantee if there is any reason that is acceptable, we will fully refund the transaction you have done within the time we have determined, no later than 14 working days.

9. We - Likes to give Free

Every week we will always provide design resources or bundles.

We will choose design resources or quality bundles and we will surely provide additional commissions of designers, creators, freelancers.

We will also add new resources or bundles every month for you to enjoy.

What are you waiting for?!

We give you a bundle

Free to join

Be part of us - WeBundle! Obsessions, Enthusiasm and Creativity will go hand in hand for designers, creators, freelancers to achieve success with us.

Nothing makes us happier, when we are part of you, and you become our part. We always want to be friends and our hearts are fully there for you.